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Rediscover Cannabis seeks to elevate knowledge and acceptance.

Forget Marijuana… Rediscover Cannabis.

Our goal is to provide an opportunity to Rediscover Cannabis. Not only are we committed to de-stigmatizing its use, we are moving toward the normalcy of cannabis as a conversation topic and a plant. By providing a plethora of resources that foster entrepreneurship, community, health, and wellness; Rediscover Cannabis is committed to elevating cannabis knowledge and acceptance.

Breaking the Stereotypes

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“Rediscover Cannabis was created to be the first stop for people as they start their journey to learn about cannabis and how it may help them in their current life."

Dan O'Neil
VP & Founder
How we got here...

One inspiration for RC was the vision of a 60 year old grandmother living in Florida. Hypothetically, she has a 35 year old son who was in the military and has PTSD, and a 5 year old granddaughter with epilepsy. So having grown up in the 60s she is familiar with ‘pot’ but only from her days smoking with friends and music festivals. She is now the medical leader and matriarch for her family unit, which is so often still the case in the American family of today. But, she can’t imagine how ‘smoking weed’ can help either her son or her granddaughter.

Because now Medical Cannabis is legal in Florida, where should she begin to learn about salves, tinctures, cannabinoids, hemp derived ingredients, and the plethora of ever evolving science behind the plant she once new only as ‘weed’. We wanted to give her a place to start to Rediscover Cannabis. Walking into a dispensary can be off putting and often not the best place to start. Doctors and caregivers aren’t always accepting or knowledgeable at this point on the medical benefits. So, where to go?

Now is time to focus on the real stories we are bringing. You can’t argue with someone’s story even if you don’t believe “the science”. It’s their story and can inspire you. By linking to credible resources, we are not creating data or running studies – we are simply guiding you to Rediscover Cannabis on your own terms.

We are the human element.

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